2017 06 20 VAR 35 - Car  Exhaust

Car Exhaust

A faulty car exhaust system can lead to many problems with car performance – but a rusted out car exhaust muffler can cause drowsiness, loss of consciousness possibly leading to death especially on cold days or nights.

At Vaucluse Auto Repair (as part of our comprehensive service) inspect and report any faults with exhaust systems, and repair to ensure safety, performance and good fuel economy.


The majority of car owners very rarely drive more than one car. What can happen is the owner can become accustomed to different sounds and performance (or lack thereof) when the exhaust becomes faulty.

Many times when we question the owner about the exhaust fault they say in return, “I did not notice”. This is why it is critical to constantly have regular car servicing atVaucluse Auto Repair, so you can systematically keep on top of any safety issues ensuring peace of mind in regards to your car.