2017 06 30 VAR 43 - Coolant Level Sensor

Coolant Level Sensor

What is the Coolant Level Sensor all about?

The coolant level sensor is designed to alert the driver when the coolant level is low and to prevent overheating or damage to the engine. This aids in diagnosing leaks and other dangerous cooling system conditions.

Coolant level sensors can consist of a plastic sensor with a plastic or foam float that sits underneath the coolant reservoir cap. Or, they can be plastic sensors that plug into the radiator or another component of the cooling system.

Some vehicles are equipped with a Low Coolant or Check Coolant warning light, while others may display a picture of the vehicle with a red dot in the engine bay. This is to inform the driver that the coolant needs to be checked or that there is a fault
with the sensor.


What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Coolant Level Sensor?

  • Check Coolant or Low Coolant light on and displays even when coolant been topped off
  • Coolant level is low but no warning lights illuminate


How important is this service?

While you may wish to ignore the beeping and warning lights in your vehicle, it is important to get a diagnosis for the problem immediately before any further damage occurs, including unwanted coolant loss, engine overheating, and other major issues.