2017 06 16 VAR 34 - Transmission


Regardless of whether you drive a manual or an automatic, it’s vital to keep your car’s transmission running well. Auto transmissions require customary overhauling to guarantee the greatest execution, economy and administration life. Manual transmissions likewise require overhauling despite the fact that this more often than excludes less confounded assignments, for example, supplanting the liquids or potentially making minor modifications.

Clutch Problem Signs

If the clutch on your car slips and does not transfer engine power to the wheels or if the clutch on your car won’t release properly, it means that there are problems with your clutch system.

Automatic Transmission Problem Signs

If you see any sign of Leaking fluid, or if your “Check Engin” light turned on, or when you see some resistant or unusual forces when changing gears it means there might be problems with your automatic transmission system.